Pregnancy, Birth & Motherhood

Evolving into motherhood is to be cracked open.

The profound mystery and spirituality of pregnancy, birth and motherhood 

can never be understood by the mind,  they can only be known with the heart. 





“Having Susannah by my side during this pregnancy has been the most wonderful experience, I've found in her a guide, a mother, a sister and a friend [...]

all pregnant women should have someone to guide them [...] someone that listens to them and holds them through the roller coaster of emotions that pregnancy can be [...] the possibility of designing a birth plan aligned with what they deeply desire. Being empowered through pregnancy and childbirth is the foundation of a sustainable motherhood, a path that starts with connecting deeply with one's needs [...]"

Maria (Doula client)




"[...] healed my body and showed me a way to get back to myself [...] I bow to your knowledge, compassion, femininity, love and intuition. [...] I feel blessed to be a woman and a mother today."

Anna (Postpartum Healing Ceremony)

"[...] we all felt so held, supported and connected. How I wish I would have had this with my first pregnancy."

Shannon (Heart & Womb Circle)