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During Pregnancy & After Birth


My main passion lies with treating women during pregnancy and after birth. I wish that good and effective bodywork was an integral part of the pre- and post-natal care offered to every woman, as I know what a fundamental difference it can make, not only to a woman's physical wellbeing, but also to her emotional and mental state. 

In addition to the undergraduate training in osteopathy and obstetrics, I have done several postgraduate courses to improve the care I can offer to women at this important time in their lives. 

Below you can read more about the treatments. Discounts are available to women who are full time students, on sickleave, unemployed, or retired, as well as for single mothers.



During & after Pregnancy

Postpartum / After Birth 

Home Visit

LivModer Pregnancy Massage

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A LivModer Pregnancy Massage is a precious gift to yourself and your baby.

This is more than an “ordinary” massage. Think of it as a sacred time-out from the busyness of your everyday life, a time to feel and connect deeply with your body and the baby inside your womb.

This massage takes place in a safe, warm, beautiful space, where you can surrender to the sensations of caring, attentive touch, as well as notice and honour any feelings, or thoughts that comes up. The massage form part of your preparation for birth and is also an opportunity for you to enjoy being in your pregnant body. 

I use music, candlelight and essential oils to add to the experience.

Prenatal massage therapy has many benefits, including releasing muscle tension, improving circulation and sleep. Massage also influence the levels of different neurohormones in the body; decreasing the stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin and contributing to increased elevels of oxytocin, seratonin and endorphins, which has positive effects for both you and your baby. The "feel good" response this creates may last up to 48 hours after the massage. 


I don’t follow a standard protocol, but adjust and adapt the session to suit your wishes and needs, your health status and how many weeks pregnant you are. You are welcome for pregnancy massage from the very beginning of your pregnancy until the very end. Before the massage, we have a brief conversation about your health, but also about your intention with the massage. During early pregnancy we may for example focus on you making a connection with the new life growing inside. As you get closer to your due date, the focus is more towards preparing for birth. Many women also express that the massage is very helpful and supportive when they have passed their due date; making them feel calmer, less stressed and more centred within themselves. If you want to work with any specific issues such as fear, lack of trust, or previous negative birth experiences etc, we can incorporate helpful visualisations and breathwork into the massage.

I sometimes use a special pregnancy pillow, which enables you to lie face down for part of the treatment. However, the massage can be carried out in any position that you are most comfortable in. Being in your underwear allows me to use oil, but if you prefer to be dressed that is fine too, as long as the clothes are loose. 

Please note, only a brief history will be taken and LivModer Pregnancy Massage does not primarily focus on specific symptoms. It is more of a general, supportive experience. The massage will improve general health and wellbeing, relieve discomfort from tired or tense muscles etc. However, if you are suffering with recurrent pain, or specific symptom, I suggest that you book an osteopathy consultation before coming for a massage.


60 min 900 kr (inc. vat)

120 min (full body), 1800 kr (inc. vat)



Many of the physical discomforts associated with pregnancy happen due to changes in posture, weight bearing and the stretching of various ligaments and tissues that supports the uterus. This can be managed, or alleviated by osteopathy. Osteopathic treatment can also help prepare the body for labour. One way it does this is by improving the function of the pelvis. By creating balance in this area, it is believed that the ability and capacity of the pelvis to expand during birth increases, as well as the chances of the baby getting into an optimal position in preparation for its birth.


Ensuring that a woman’s spine, pelvis, shoulder and hip girdles are flexible and supple, enables her body to adapt to the changing dynamics that evolve throughout her pregnancy, in the best way possible for her. However, the treatment, as well as any self-care advice also work preventatively. We can predict many of the changes/adpatations that the body will have to make during the nine months of pregnancy. Osteopaths have an excellent understanding of how the different parts and systems of the body interact with- and affects each other. By limiting restrictions, torsions and tension wherever relevant and possible, the body can adapt more easily to the demands of pregnancy and less stress and strain is transferred to the muscles and ligaments - leading to fewer symptoms than might otherwise have been the case.


Pregnant women may have much in common, yet each woman is unique with their own experiences and history. Each pregnancy a woman has, is also different from any other. One type of treatment does not fit all, and any general advice have to be adpated to the individual. The osteopathic treatment always takes your unique needs and any pre-existing conditions, or problems you may have into consideration.


A thorough history is taken during the first consultation. Osteopaths are trained to recognise possible complications during pregnancy and will always refer for medical care/exams if there are any uncertainty regarding your safety, or the safety or your baby.

Osteopathy is suitable during all weeks of pregnancy. The treatment is effective, gentle and completely safe. It takes place in whatever position you feel most comfortable in (usually side lying). Usually a woman wears underwear during the treatment, but clothes can be worn as long as they are soft and unrestrictive.

Carrying and birthing a baby is for many women one of, if not the biggest challenge of their life. To feel well physically, mentally and emotionally can makes a huge difference to all aspects of pregnancy and birth. The osteopathic approach has much to offer and is an excellent complement to the standard care a woman recieves.


“Osteopaths contend that efficient mechanics within the body, and especially the pelvis, will have a beneficial impact in the process of labour and birth outcomes, not only for the woman but for the baby as well. (…) Osteopaths consider that if the container holding and supporting the uterus (i.e. the mother) is restricted, inelastic or otherwise in poor mechanical balance, then this transmits ‘awkward or abnormal’ forces onto the uterine wall and hence to the fetus. This is thought to impact on fetal mobility, positioning and comfort in the later stages of pregnancy (…).”

Stone Visceral and Obstetric Osteopathy

If you want to read more about osteopathy click here.


Initial consultation/treatment 90 min, 900 kr, (inc. vat)

Follow-up treatments, 60 min, 900 kr (inc. vat) 






I consider any treatment during the first 6 months after birth to be a "postpartum visit". However, in reality the needs and recovery rate of women varies widely, so this time frame can expand to include the first year after birth or more.

It is my personal opinion that the general postpartum care offered to women is greatly lacking in both quality and quantity. The period after birth is of profound importance to both the immediate- and the long term wellbeing of both mother and baby, and should be treated accordingly by everyone around her, as well as by society at large.

Osteopathic treatment can be hugely beneficial initially to aid recovery and healing from the "normal" strains of childbirth, from caesarean births, as well as from birth injuries. Osteopathy is also effective in relieving some of the common aches and tensions that can arise from breastfeeding and caring for a baby.

You may book a home-visit postpartum treatment, as early as a few days after giving birth. However, I don’t suggest coming to the clinic (unless you are being driven there), before at least a few weeks have passed, as the travels is likely to be too much of a strain to your body.

Of course you can bring your baby to any postpartum treatment. These sessions are a little longer than usual to allow for a breast feeding break etc. When you feel your baby is old enough to leave with someone else for the duration of the treatment, this can be helpful to allow you to get the most out of it.

A post-partum session includes advice on ergonomy, pelvic floor care, breastfeeding etc. as needed.  


Initial postpartum check-up 120 min, 1450 kr (inc. vat)

Follow-up postpartum treatments 90 min, 1450 kr (inc. vat)


I also offer a Postpartum Healing Ceremony. Read more.


Available in the greater Stockholm area. I bring a treatment table and everything else we need.

Due to limited availability, booking well in advance is recommended (you may make a preliminary booking, based on your estimated due date). 

3 hours (includes set-up time and pre-treatment conversation).

Contact me directly for price, availability etc. 

"After a few weeks of carrying and breastfeeding I lost sensation in three of my fingers. At night the ache kept me awake and in the day I was afraid to drop my baby. I went to Susannah for osteopathy and after a single session my symptoms disappeared and have not returned."


"The pregnancy massage that I got from Susannah, is by far the best massage I've ever had! As someone who is 'addicted' to bodywork, that says a lot! It is so much more than your 'average' treatment, she helps me to tune into my body, as well as my baby. I also loved the visualisation that she included in the end!"


"I have recieved help from Susannah after my very tough birth, when I couldn't walk without crutches. Susannah came to treat me in my home and I've had very good results. After only a few treatments I could move around relativley unhindered. I will continue to use her services and warmly recommend her to others."


"I was having a lot of pelvic, hip and low back pain during my pregnancy before I came to Susannah. Her treatments really helped. All of my symptoms eased and some dispappeared altogether. I wish every woman could have access to osteopathy treatment during pregnancy."