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Courses & Events



Based on the FUR method (Föda utan rädsla/Confident Birth). I offer this course in the comfort of your home and adapt and add to the basic material, to suit your wishes, previous experiences and currrent needs. 

Duration 4 hours. In English or Swedish.

Price: At LivModer Clinic: 2700 kr (inc. vat). In the comfort of your home: 3700 kr (inc. vat).

This course consists of six half-days, exploring the following themes:

  • What happens during birth? (Physiology of birth, pain science, phases of labor etc).

  • Your pelvis in pregnancy and birth. (A short version of the longer course, see below).

  • Choices and rights in birth. (Hospital birth and routines, home birth, making a birth plan etc). 

  • Tools for birth. (Pain relief, supporting a woman in labor etc). 

  • Postpartum/The fourth trimester. (Healing and recovery after birth, caring for a newborn; including breastfeeding and baby carrying, relationship to partner etc). 

  • Sacred pregnancy and birth. (Pregnancy and birth as a spiritual experience, becoming a mother etc).

This course consists of a mix of short lectures, self-reflective exercises, practical physical exercises,

meditations/visualisations and creative tasks. Special guests with expertise knowledge are invited to some of the session.

You are welcome to bring along a partner to all or some of the session, or to come alone. Suggested activities to do alone and/or with co-parent between the sessions are given.

Swedish and/or English will be used depending on participants.

Total duration 18 hours (6 x 3 hours). Only small groups. 

Price: 2500 kr (inc. vat).



This one-day course gives you an improved body-awarness and understanding of the structure and function of the pelvis in relation to pregnancy and birth. It course consists of a mix of theory (anatomy) and practice (exploratory touch, movement and exercises), with a focus on doing and feeling.


You will learn:

  • How your pelvis relates to the rest of your body.

  • How to care for your pelvis during pregnancy to avoid pain and discomfort.

  • How to prepare for the intense mobilisation of the pelvis that occurs at childbirth. How body movement and positioning, during pregnancy may influence birth.

  • How body movement and positioning during birth can affect the birth process.

  • How to encourage healing and recovery after birth. Advice on carrying/lifting your baby, breastfeeding  posture etc.


All welcome, no previous knowledge, or experience necessary. However, the content is adapted to suit participants current understanding, so that even those with previous knowledge will benefit. 

This course is suitable for women during all stages of pregnancy, but it is also open to people who work with pregnant women, such as doulas, yoga teachers, massage therapists etc.


Swedish and/or English will be used depending on participants. Only small groups.

9 am - 5 pm. 1250 kr (inc. 25% vat). Fika included. 



Films related to pregnancy, birth and motherhood, with post-film discussions & activities.

Private Birth Preparation Course

LivModer Film Screenings 

The Pelvis in Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum 

LivModer Birth Preparation Group Course

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Circles & Ceremonies

”The profound mystery and spirituality of birth can never be understood with the mind;

they are known with the heart.”

Pam England

LivModer Heart & Womb Circle 

Let yourself be guided through a beautiful, oxytocin-packed evening, created for you and your baby. 

Connect deeply with yourself & with the baby in your womb.

Honour and celebrate yourself and the sacred work you are doing – growing and nourishing new life. 

Tune in, with the aid of ceremonial cacao, music, sound visualisations, stillness and movement.

Listen to your body and follow its lead – just as you will do during birth.  

Drop the thinking, judging mind and release any self-judgement. 

Express yourself and recieve loving support.

”[…] like a warm embrace, in which to land and gather power ahead of birth. I feel deeply inspired and with a calm spirit after this wonderful event.” Wiktoria

"[...] a night like this is hard to describe [...] the most magnificent pregnant ceremony where we connected with our babies and our bodies "[...] Susannah you touched our hearts in the most powerful way "[...] Maria

"[...] we all felt so held, supported and connected. How I wish I would have had this with my first pregnancy." Shannon

"[...] one of my most beautiful memories from my pregnancy."


LivModer Mother Blessing Ceremony 

A mother blessing, can act as an important part of a woman's preparation for birth and motherhood.

A LivModer Mother Blessing Ceremony is a carefully crafted, intimate, sacred event taking place at the end of pregnancy.

It is a way to honour the profound impact of this time in a woman's life - the transformative journey she has been on, the threshhold where she is at, and the significance of what lies ahead.  

Whatever her experience of pregnancy has been so far, or her feelings for the upcoming birth may be, this event aims to make the woman feel seen, supported and honoured, and leave her with a beautiful memory for life. 

Each ceremony is different. Our conversation beforehand, allows me to create something suitable the individual woman.

Prices vary. Contact me for more information. 

Livmoder Post Birth Healing Ceremony

Part ceremony, part bodywork.

A celebration of the rite of passage that the woman has been through. 

A way to honour and integrate the physical, energetic, and spiritual changes 

that have ocurred for her, through growing, carrying and birthing her child.

As a new mother there is naturally much focus outwards; on giving and being present and available to the baby's needs. 

This is a sacred time-out to recieve and focus inwards. 

When done at the end of the initial 6-8 week post birth healing period, it marks the end of the first tender postpartum phase, with its focus on staying in and resting. However, this session is open to any women who has given birth, regardless of how long ago.

If she feels a desire for this kind of care and attention, or if she has unresolved feelings from her birthing experience, this is for her.

A LivModer Post Birth Healing Ceremony includes setting of intentions, a yoni steam (herbal steaming for the vagina, pelvic floor and womb), healing touch and massage, wrapping of the body, sound and music and guided visualisations.


​​The whole session takes approximately 3 hours.

Price: 2700 kr (inc. vat).

"I felt she took me somewhere beautiful, powerful, a sacred place, like the top of a mountain, those places one gains insight from. She reminded me of the beauty and the immense importance of rituals to sign a passage.

This ceremony was like a space in between words, an open window of fresh air, the pause between notes. It was so needed and perfectly hand made with so much love and wisdom from Susannah. My post partum has been challenging and intense on the physical and emotional level […] i felt mostly weak and needy.

After the ceremony i felt collected again, with a great sense of power. Both owning the memories of my beautiful birth and the pain of the postpartum. Accepting my needs , soothing the angles of my experience.

Every mother should experience this, feeling like a queen in her own body (at a time when it is easy to feel like in a prison of pain and discomfort) […].

Guided by Susannah i felt both safe and understood profoundly. She held space for my silence, my growth, my pain and my joy. […] every detail was so special and well thought out, I can recall the smoke of the palo santo, the smell of the herbs for the steaming, the sound of the drum, the candle lights, my relaxed body being wrapped, the tenderness of her words. I feel so grateful."  Giulia

LivModer Mother Circle

A community of mothers supporting-, inspiring- and learning from each other.

A recurring Woman's Circle for Mothers (children welcome). An opportunity to hear and to be heard.

A meetingplace to explore, reflect and share our experiences and thoughts around different themes: mothering as a spiritual path, the complexity of mothering within the context of feminism, our motherlines and how we are influenced by our own mothers, creativity and motherhood, self-care, sexuality etc. Free to attend. 

Yes please, I would like to recieve

updates and invitations for LivModer events

Thank you, I will be in touch. 

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"[...] a night like this is hard to describe [...] the most magnificent pregnant ceremony where we connected with our babies and our bodies "[...]  Susannah you touched our and our babies hearts in the most powerful way "[...]


"[...] we all felt so held, supported and connected. How I wish I would have had this with my first pregnancy."


”[…] like a warm embrace, in which to land and gather power ahead of birth. I feel deeply inspired and with a calm spirit after this wonderful event.”


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