Women's Health & Wellbeing


"To help heal a body or mind and leave the soul unattended is only doing part of the healer’s work." (Jade River)

With me you can feel safe. I will never judge you and I will take your suffering seriously. 

I offer you my experience and knowledge, my care and committed loving support. Your healing matters to me and I would be honoured to walk with you, as you learn the ways of your BodyMindSpirit.


For fifteen years I have worked with health and healing as a bodyworker. During the last five years, since becoming pregnant, 

I have felt a strong calling to learn more about feminine ways of healing and in 2018 I opened LivModer Women's Clinic.

I am also a co-creatress and co-hostess of a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training together with Andrea Nanda and a Doula Training with Anna Bjelkefelt.

"The female body may represent one of feminism's least-touched frontiers, perhaps one of its final frontiers." (Caroline Knapp). 

Our bodies are affected not only by the personal, but also by the collective- and cultural time in which we find ourselves.

Taking care of- and honouring our whole female selves is a radical act.

"Women’s healing is often coupled with ritual. Ritual speaks to the ‘deep mind’ – the spirit within –  [and] communicates the possibility of change to our spirit-selves." (Jade River)  LivModer weaves ceremonies and rituals, for individuals and for small groups of women,

exploring themes related to Womanhood, Motherhood and the Sacred Feminine, as it applies in our indvidual lives. 

LivModer also offer courses and occasionally hosts other events, which explore topics related to Women's Health & Wellbeing.